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2020 screen mirroring software rankings

Screen mirroring technology is very important for today’s society,
Whether in study, work or life,
Are indispensable, and there are also many screencasting software.
Next, we will introduce the top five projection software rankings.
2020 screen mirroring software rankings

Streaming devices, mirroring apps and plug-ins are just some of the most popular software in 2019. More software is being developed because more people are seeing the power of technology and media, not just only for entertainment purposes but also as a way to earn a living. Stuff like live streaming and video blogging are the most popular trends that require such tools as mentioned above. Most especially if you doing a live stream for games. The need to mirror the mobile game to a wider screen is necessary. Continue reading to discover some of the best screen mirroring apps of 2020.

Top 5 Screen Mirroring Apps of 2020




  • It can mirror, screen record, screen capture, and annotate.
  • Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac, Linux are supported
  • You can remotely control your device on PC.
  • It can be downloaded directly on Smart TVs.
  • Wired/ wireless connection


  • It is a paid app.



Free yet full pack. That’s how you can best describe LetsView. It is also one of the best screen mirroring apps of 2020. Not all free apps provide this kind of service. Of course, this tool is primarily a mirroring app to any device. Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and TVs, name them all, it will work. Similar to ApowerMirror, it also has screen mirroring, screen recording, and annotating features for your satisfaction. As mentioned, these features are usually present on other premium software. Isn’t that great? You can now try without worrying about a free trial, subscription, and all. It is all for free. Since it is a free tool, the remote control is not supported. Not to mention, it is also a Miracast ready tool. So you can cast your phone to your TV anytime without restrictions and complicated process. Plus being able to record screen with audio.


  • It is for free
  • This tool works on all devices platform including TV.
  • Miracst Ready
  • Wireless connection via QR code scanner, pin, and auto-detection


  • Wired connection not available

Screen Mirror


Accessible anywhere and very simple. Screen mirror defies the norm for providing quality service for a web-based mirroring app. If you guys are familiar with the Chrome browser version of Vysor, it works the same way. In exception of it is not a chrome extension. Vysor is really slow and laggy but Screen Mirror is not. It has a very responsive screen and a simple IU that makes it easy to use. So if you are not up to download any software on your computer, you can try this web-based tool. All you need is a compatible browser and a working internet, then you are good to go.


  • Free
  • No downloading of software, browser, and the internet is needed.
  • The tool includes a screen capture tool.
  • It has responsive IU


  • It has lesser features than the other two.
  • It sometimes crashes.

LiveScreen Mirroring

Livescreen Mirroring is another screen mirroring app of 2020. Over a Wi-Fi connection you can now share the screen of your phone on you computer using a browser. Chrome, Safari and Firefox. This method is ideal for those who don’t like to download app on their computer for safety reasons. You just need to connect using your Internet IP address and feel free to stream videos, music and games easily. However if your mobile device is 5.0 or lower, it will not work. Also it does not support audio transmission to PC.


  • Fast interface
  • Free
  • Android and iOS are supported


  • No extra features
  • It has a lengthy process when connecting.

Google Home

The next best screen mirroring app of 2020 is a Miracast ready app. What’s in it for you if the app is Miracast ready? Google home is developed to act as an instrument to cast your phone to TVs. It is Miracast ready, so whatever third-party hardware you might be using, as long as it is a Miracast supported device, it will work. You can browse the internet to check which streaming tool supports this app. Also, this is developed to make your viewing experience satisfactory. However, connecting might be a little lengthy, so make sure to bring Mr. Patience with you.


  • Versatile
  • Free
  • It works with TV and Android
  • Miracast ready

The above five categories are related to the top five screen mirroring software rankings introduced by Odd Machine. If you want to learn more about screen mirroring technology, you can continue to pay attention to our website.







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